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What is Master Your Life?

Master Your Life is dedicated to transforming lives from within by fostering awareness, healing, and balance across all facets of existence: Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial. An imbalance in any of these aspects can ripple through all areas of life. 

Who We Are:

Master Your Life is a holistic health and wellness company committed to guiding individuals on their transformative journey to optimal well-being. With a specialization in supporting those dealing with the complexities of Multiple Sclerosis, we provide comprehensive programs, resources, and high-quality supplements to enhance vitality, alleviate stress, and unveil a path to healing

What We Do:

At Master Your Life, we offer personalized programs, health assessments, transformative coaching, and a carefully curated selection of supplements and vitamins.

Our mission is to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, promoting holistic wellness. Through community building, outreach, and educational resources, we empower individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes, ensuring they thrive on their wellness journey.

We Bring Together

  • MIND

    Unleash the power of your mind with Master Your Life. Explore strategies for, cognitive enhancement, and cultivating a positive mindset and behavior change Our mind-focused resources aim to empower you with tools to enhance mental clarity, resilience, and overall cognitive well-being.

  • BODY

    Nourish and strengthen your body with our comprehensive approach to physical wellness. From fitness tips to nutrition guides, Master Your Life provides insights to help you establish sustainable habits for a healthier lifestyle. Discover the path to increased energy, vitality, and overall physical well-being.


    Connect with the deeper dimensions of your existence through our Soul section. Delve into mindfulness practices, meditation techniques, and spiritual insights that foster a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. Master Your Life invites you to embark on a transformative journey to nurture and elevate your soul.

  • Health and wellness coaching

    Discover how to change your unhealthy thinking habits and behaviors

About Me

Dr. Chris Black is a renowned speaker who specializes in health and wellness, inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and achieve optimal well-being. With his expertise in counseling psychology and personal journey of overcoming multiple sclerosis, Dr. Black delivers powerful messages that encourage lasting change in people's lives. His passion for helping individuals live healthy and fulfilling lives is reflected in his speaking topics and his program Master Your Life.

What people are saying

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"In just 6 months of Master Your Life Session with Chris I started to feel so much better about my disease and my quality of life"

Jack T

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Reaching my goal of getting off my current medications was so easy with Chris. He understands because he has been in my shoes."

Carrie J

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I am a part of the MASTER INNER CIRCLE and the value I get is tremendous. The support I get is well worth it."

Iris C

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